Black tea – Winter essentials


Even though I drink more green and oolong teas in general, during this time of the year I find that a rich and robust black tea is also a great choice to keep me warm and comforted during the day. In today’s post I have put together a list of four pure black teas that I personally love and that I think are versatile, delicious and easy to drink either alone or paired as I propose below. I haven’t included any blend or scented teas in the list but I might share some blends that I really like in some other post. Here we go:

1. Keemun: Dark and aromatic, this gorgeous tea will delight you with its notes of chocolate, cacao, wood and dried fruits. It is perfect to pair with fruit cakes, puddings, confitures and chocolate truffles.

2. Assam: This classic robust black tea is great to accompany almost any kind of cakes and sweet pastry like croissants, pain au chocolat and apple strudel. Its malty flavour and full body make it a winter season favourite.

3. Golden Yunnan: This mellow black tea is known for its fruity notes of caramel, peach, almost like nectar, and its delicate golden colour is just a pleasure itself. Great with macaroons, fruit muffins, biscuits and pannetone.

4. Nilgiri India: I love to pair a good black tea from this region with chutneys, preserves, aged cheese and dried fruits.

What are your winter’s favourite black teas?

 Stay warm and happy winter!



  1. Txung Takarpa

    Good Morning Teascopia,
    Happy Monday ! I loved your post.
    Well, i do fond of some of the Japanish Green tea and Chinese, but they are not my favourite to start the day in winter 🙂
    My favorite is Darjeeling, of course! but when i’m short of it I go for Black Assam, either Ceylon and i prepared with the fresh ginger water. That’s is how i warm up my winter’s morning.

    • Gabriela Prieto

      Hello my dear friend! I know black teas are definitely your all year essentials, specially Darjeeling for obvious reasons! 😉 We must not forget to mention the amazing chai we share almost every morning at work that is definitely a must during this cold season! Thanks for reading and commenting! x ❤️

  2. northernteaist

    My wife’s a hardcore PG Tips drinker, but recently I introduced her to the joys of Yunnan Gold.

    Not only did she drink it without milk, but she actually enjoyed it too!

    If the weather’s truly awful then I like to drink a tarry souchong myself.

    • Gabriela Prieto

      Hello Northerrnteaist! That is great news! I do believe that PG Tips and a Golden Yunnan can live under the same roof without any problem. There are teas for every occasion and what matters is to have where to choose from. I also like a good Lapsang every now and then but my comfort cuppa for cold/rainy mornings is a strong Earl Grey with a drop of milk 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Gabriela Prieto

      Hi Georgia! Dian Hong is definitely one of my favourites as well but the list is so long, isn’t it? I haven’t tried Korean black tea, just few greens that I really really love. I am going to look it up now, thanks for the feedback! x

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