Tea with Victoria Fernández

Victoria Fernandez

I met Victoria about 4 years ago when we were both living in Buenos Aires and I can still remember when she said she was moving to Europe. Few years later we connect again, now in Spain. She lives in Madrid where she continues working as a freelance artist doing animations, illustrations, piñatas, set design, props construction and display windows among other creative projects.

Vicky recently came to Barcelona and I asked her about collaborating together in a small tea project for my blog. I have always been a big fan of her work as I think it truly shows her personal style and unique way of seeing things. My plan was to ask her to try one tea and create an illustration inspired by her experience tasting that specific tea. I had seen works of her about food, coffee, her famous cats and dogs series and I thought that tea could also be a great theme. I was really looking forward to see her style put into the context of tea, it had to be fantastic!

So I chose one of my favourite blends by Mariage Frères, Thé Vert au Tibet, as I wanted a powerful tea, full of aromas and flavors. I made a sample for her with some instructions on how to prepare it and enjoy it, step by step as well as the original description of the tea by Mariage Frères that says: Green tea with floral (rose, jasmine) and citrus (bergamot, mandarin) fragrances, enhanced by a vegetal undertone held by the green tea”

“The fragrant green jade leaves yield a bright, limpid, golden infusion, which carries you up to the rooftop of the world!”

The only request was that she would make some time to prepare the tea and enjoy it with no rush. So I put everything together and sent it over the post.

One of the things she told me when she got the envelope was that her mailbox was perfumed by the tea and she loved it.

Few weeks later she sent me the illustration and told me she had the tea with her boyfriend and they both agreed that the tea was “fresh (represented in the blue color and the rain), relaxing (as the mountains, with a bucolic feeling and nature) and because it has a citrusy taste she also added a clementine slice as the main element”.

It was challenging, she said. Not in terms of drawing or designing but for putting a feeling, a sensation, a smell and a taste into an illustration and I agree, it is not as easy as it sounds. It happens a lot with smells, they trigger memories and sensations that are hard to explain with words as well as to draw, paint or even sing.

I am in love with this illustration. It wonderfully shows a sensorial experience as if a whole new world unfurls and comes to life from the cup of tea, almost like a magic lamp of aromas, flavors and images.

I like when images, words, thoughts, aromas are put together to become something bigger, to complement each other, to add meaning or even just a particular aesthetics to something. In this case to “represent” the experience of drinking tea.

It is a pleasure to work with people you like and admire sharing ideas and working together and I was very much looking forward to this one in particular so thank you Vicky for sharing your love and talent!

To see more of Victoria’s work please visit: http://victoriafernandez.me


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