FOP Yunnan Green


This is a tea I recently tried and, I must say, it was love at first taste. It is a green tea from the Province of Yunnan in the far southwest of China. Yunnan borders Burma, Laos and Vietnam and it is renown for producing tea especially fine pu-erhs and black teas for hundreds of years. It also produces rice, flowers, tobacco and mushrooms among other agricultural products.

The letters FOP stand for Flowery Orange Pekoe that means that this tea is formed of long leaves and tips which you will see in silver color.

The dry leaves are dark green, quite uniform and tightly curled with plenty of tips. The aroma is also remarkable, already sweet, fresh and flowery. It reminds me of the smell of steamed plantain leaves that are used in Latin America to wrap some types of food.

For this tea I used a water temperature of 75 C and let it steep for 2 minutes. The colour of the liquor resulted in a nice light amber. The aroma is very floral and vegetal with the characteristic toasted notes of the Chinese green teas. It also smells to me like pipe, very subtle but deep, like the long-lasting trace my neighbor leaves every time he goes out. 


It has a nice rounded body, a sweet and honey-like lasting aftertaste and a moderate astringency. Sometimes I also brew it at 70 C for two minutes just to get all the sweetness and the honeydew melon taste.The second infusion is as good as the first one so I will definitely try a third one the next time.


The weather is getting colder every day and I am still craving this tea every morning. It reminds me of gunpowder a little bit -which I also love- but much more flowery and fragrant. I highly recommend this tea, it is versatile, perfect for any time of the day and year. If you try it please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!



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