Michael Harney refers to Gyokuro’s aroma as: “Very spinachy and seaweedy, dark and decidedly vegetal, with none of the lemon sheen of Sencha. Lovely and soothing, like a hearty spinach soup simmering on the kitchen stove”.Could you think of a better way of describing the aroma and essence of this tea..?

Gyokuro is one of the finest and most expensive teas in Japan as it is considered to be the highest grade of tea in the country. Its production demands expertise and careful handling. It involves shading the tea crops for two or three weeks before the harvest begins and it’s precisely this procedure what gives this tea most of its precious qualities. The shade makes the photosynthesis process to reduce and the plant to produce more chlorophyll and higher levels of theanines, making the tea so rich in flavor. It also gives the leaves the distinctive deep green color and a less astringent infusion compared to other Senchas. The result is a beautiful pale green liquor (also known as “Jade Dew”) with a mellow sweet taste and a medium body. Harney describes it as “The lush green flavour of the freshest steamed spinach, the cooked flavour of roasted walnuts, and very slight note of sulphur. Filling and sustaining”.

I have tried this tea several times and I must say that each time it surprises me as if it were the first one. Once you try it you won’t forget about it. Similar to when you taste a fine champagne or an exquisite perfume… So many years of tradition and fine craftsmanship can’t go wrong…





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