Travelling with tea


I like to carry tea with me when I travel. I usually pick one of my favourites, a small infuser and put it into my carry on or suitcase and I am ready to go. Because having a nice cup of tea is a pleasure that it is so easy to satisfy but, sometimes, so hard to accomplish when you are abroad, discovering new places. Whether you are staying at a friend’s house, a hotel or a rented flat it is always comforting to have cup of a special tea. It is that feeling of serenity and coziness that puts you in the right mood to start the trip.

Travelling has become a bit of a stressful experience in many ways especially at airports with the security measures and the prohibited goods, but tea is still something safe to travel with. So don’t be afraid to take some with you. The last time I flew from London to Barcelona I had lots of samples of loose-leaf tea blends that I had made and, when packing, I was dubious because I didn’t know if I was going to have problems in Customs. I checked many forums online and everybody said it was ok but I actually left some and took only the most important ones with me just in case. As they were samples I labeled them and, as soon as I arrived at the airport, I asked Security about it and they said that it was fine as long as I didn’t carry liquids with me. So the key is not to have liquids, everything else should be fine. In the end it is just tea!

At Heathrow they said to me -in a very friendly way- “you like tea, huh?”

Yes, I do. Tea always feels like home!

foto final 3-2



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