Tea and cake #2

So far this is one of the best muffins I have ever tried. I bought it to have with my tea at home (at the time I was at my Mum’s house in Miami) and, after taking the first bite, divided it into four pieces so that my dad, mum and husband could also try it. This is a Matcha Green Tea gluten-free muffin by Kyotofu -a Brooklyn based bakery in NY- and it is a real treat! The Matcha tea is so well blended and the texture is so soft and moist that I regret I didn’t buy more than just one. To accompany it I made a Japanese green tea called Kukicha and the combination was just superb!

Kukicha is a tea that I discovered quite recently and that I am growing to love. It has the beautiful and grassy taste of Japanese green teas and that soothing, relaxing, almost zen-like effect that I love. Soon I will write a post exclusively about the Kukicha tea, as I find it fascinating. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the pictures I took for this “Tea and cake #2” edition!







  1. Carlos Gonzalez

    Nice. I love the way you describe your tea experiences. One can almost enjoy them as much as you do just by reading your blog. Thank you Gaby. I love you so much…

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