Lung Ching or Dragon Well

_MG_0972This is a tea that occupies an important place in the list of any conoisseur and people who love Chinese green teas. The Lung Ching or Dragon Well, in the words of Michael Harney, “is to Chinese green teas what French Champagne is to sparkling white wines: the standard against which all others are measured”.

The Lung Ching became popular during the Qing Dynasty and its name refers to a hill outside Hangzhou in the Zheijang Province where the tea was originally grown.

For me, one of the most beautiful things about this tea is its shape. It resembles dry seaweed or paper. The tea leaves are not rolled but flattened to give the unique shape. It is very versatile and easy to drink all day long, with food or without it. I personally like to drink it on its own as I love its taste and to get into its full flavours and aromas.


The colour of the liquor is pale yellow but don’t be fooled by it as it is very rich in flavours. You will find notes of roasted green vegetables, the subtle sweetness of the Chinese green teas as well as a nice aftertaste.

If you want try a “classic” Chinese green tea, do not miss this one. I would recommend to drink it on its own whenever you have a bit of spare time to have a break in your day. This makes it an ideal tea for the weekends when you can prepare a teapot, brew your leaves several times and have an exquisite time off!



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