Petersham Nurseries

P1080875Before travelling to Miami for Christmas I went to one of my favorite places in London. It is a lushious and beautiful garden place in the heart of the green Borough of Richmond where I live. It is called Petersham Nurseries and it is the home of a wide variety of plants and seeds as well as a restaurant and tea house. This is my secret sanctuary where I would always go to escape from the city, to find inspiration and to be surrounded by nature.

This time I went with my uncle and my aunt for lunch. We had an early lunch at the café/teahouse where you can choose from a selection of salads, main courses and soups and also have coffee or tea and cakes. As a main course I had the chickpeas curry with saffron rice and I chose a smokey Lapsang Souchong to accompany my food. It was a cold day and I was looking forward to having a nice lunch with a tea to warm me up. It worked beautifully!

The tea was served in a white ceramic teapot with the loose leafs inside and a strainer. We know strainers usually work for the first cup only, as the tea continues to brew in the water, resulting in an over-brewed and bitter tea but this is still a strong tradition in many places that I think would be very hard to change.


Of course I wish my tea would have been served with an infuser instead of a strainer -so I could have more time to enjoy it and prepare it according to my personal requirements- but honestly, there is no point of making a fuss about this as the whole experience at this place is always so wonderful and relaxing. The Lapsang Souchoung was spot on with my food and everything was delicious. We stayed there chatting and enjoying our time together. It was the perfect Sunday!

As I said before, this is a very special place for me so, if you are around, do not miss it. It is such a refreshing walk from Richmond station, a must if you like to be surrounded by nature, if you love the country-side feeling and want to feel alive.

Here is my personal route to get there: from Richmond Station walk towards the Town Centre until you get to Waterlane. Go down towards the Thames and keep walking all the time through the river walk path until you get to the Petersham Meadows. Keep walking straight through the meadows and you will get to a narrow green path. Then turn to your right where you will see a car park and the entrance with their black board welcome.

I really hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!










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