Tea and cake # 1

I have family visiting and yesterday my aunt made a delicious wholemeal banana cake and I chose an exquisite oolong tea to accompany it. I picked an oolong for its fruity notes, lasting aftertaste and because it has the perfect body to go along with the cake. The result was a burst of aromas and flavours that would brighten up any grey afternoon.

In general oolongs should be brewed at 80°-95°C, steeped for 4 or 5 minutes (some connoisseurs even recommend up to 7 minutes) and then served. Also known as “blue tea”, oolongs are produced mainly in China and Taiwan and are highly appreciated for its noble characteristics and unique way of production. Before trying it with food, try it on its own so you get to enjoy its complexity and full flavours. Do not hesitate to brew it two and three times, it gets better and better.

Thank you Laura for the cake!

teascopia 3 teascopia 2 teascopia 1 teascopia 4


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