Dragon Pearls

final 5I bought this tea a year ago but I hadn’t been preparing it too much lately, probably because I tend to drink more black tea when it gets colder, but I decided to make a cup for myself and write a post about it as this is a tea I treasure and also because it will soon lose its freshness.

As you know I have a crush on all jasmine infused teas but this in particular is a special one. It has a beautiful flavour and aroma and a charming shape of small tight balls of tea leaves that are rolled by hand and infused with fresh jasmine blossoms. It is called Dragon Pearls and it is a green tea from the Province of Fujian in China. Its production requires time, experience and a careful handling and it is a favorite among connoisseurs and tea lovers.

The dry leaves are neat, beautifully rolled, with presence of silver buds. The liquor has a pale yellow colour and a fresh aroma of jasmine. It has a taste of wok roasted vegetables and a subtle sweetness of honey. The infused leaves are also gorgeous to see as they unroll gracefully bringing a sweet and fragrant aroma. It has a nice medium body and a lasting aftertaste.

I brewed it at 75 degrees and steeped it for two and a half minutes. This time I didn’t brew it again but the second one can be even nicer than the first. So try not to miss it and compare to the first one, it is a good exercise.

If you haven’t tried the Dragon Pearl, please do. When you prepare it, do not rush it, give time for the leaves to unfurl and experiment with your ideal temperature and steeping time. Wait for it to show its full beauty as it is absolutely worth it. Try it in the afternoon with a light bite or on its own. Appreciate its complexity as well as its simplicity, it is a real gem.

final 1


final 3

Wet leaves after one infusion

final 2

Dragon Pearls, beautiful and fragrant…



  1. Carlos Gonzalez

    Quė rico Gaby. Deberías, ahora que vienes, traer un poquito de esas bolitas e invitarme a disfrutarlo mientras nos desatrasamos con historias…. BESOS and see you soon.

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