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  1. petalpusher2013

    I am taking the Tea Sommelier Program at the Vancouver Community College, its so much fun and the teas are amazing! Its 8 classes put on by the Tea Council of Canada. The final exam is a 20 cup blind tasting, a 50 question exam, a 10 minute oral exam, topic not known until the exam day and then a cupping in front of the judges and again we won’t know the tea we are preparing until the exam day!
    Where did you go to school? Or are you a student of the world?

    • Gabriela Prieto

      Dear Petalpusher, thanks for your comment!

      I went to school in Argentina, a three-month intensive Tea Sommelier course taught by El Club del Té. The Programme was really good and we also did a lot of tasting. At the end, we also had a final exam: a written assessment plus a monograph. I remember being a bit stressed as well but everything went well!
      Now I enjoy going to tea tasting events and mastercalsses as well as reading and researching on my own and, of course, writing this blog!
      I really wish you the best of success in every stage of your final exam and if you fancy, let us know how everything went!

      Good luck!!! 🙂

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