imageLast week we went to Shoreditch and decided to stop by Dishoom. A place that brings to life the heritage of the Irani Cafés opened by Persian immigrants in India in the late 19th century and 20th century.

These cafés were meeting points, eating and drinking joints for people from different backgrounds and part of the city’s dynamic: “A place where friends would chill, couples would court, business deals were signed and reforms were made by the great leaders of the past. A place where artists would get inspired, writers would find their characters and your old uncle could just sit back, drink a cup of chai and read the Sunday Times. A place where kids would lie to their parents and go eat and hang out with their mates. A place where stories began. Now, these places that have survived in our city for well over 100 years are close to the lines of extinction”, says Sanoli Shukla (as quoted in Dishoom’s website).

The atmosphere is elegant and exotic and a real trip to distant lands…

I decided to try the “house chai” from a small tea list that included a chocolate and a baileys chai as well as a first flush Darjeeling, an english breakfast Assam and a fresh mint herbal infusion. The house chai was creamy and well blended with a strong but delicate ginger taste. It was served in a small glass which I appreciated for the informality of the presentation and the authenticity that it adds to a proper “house chai”.

We also ordered some food and a “Virgin Bombay Colada” (featured above). A drink or “cooler” that is like a piña colada (without the alcohol) but boosted with coriander, anis, chai syrup and lime juice: a real treat!

Teascopia Logo

Photo: Alejandro Rojas

We sat on the veranda and enjoyed a sunny and warm afternoon while we had delicious food and drinks. The atmosphere of this café is very inviting and I think it is definitely a nice place to go and relax in a different urban scene. A good place to let your imagination carry you away while sipping a nice cup of tea! (Shoreditch)


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