I have always had the impression that this tea has been underrated. It is one of those teas that you could find in almost any store and would pass unnoticed. In part maybe because this is a rougher tea than other more delicate Chinese green teas (for instance, the very sought after Lung Ching –Dragon’s Well), and because it is not a “spring tea” but a latter version where the leaves are bigger as it has been let grown for longer time that it almost becomes foliage. It is usually used as a base for the Moroccan mint tea and other blends as it is very versatile and full bodied, yet one of my favorites all alone.

I remember the first time I tried it… It caught me! It had this smooth taste of grilled green vegetables and maybe tobacco, but also a very slight sweetness that balance the flavor to perfection. It is rich, rounded with a lasting aftertaste. It immediately got my attention and it was one of the first green teas I ever bought.

The shape is also fascinating: little rounded shiny green balls resembling musket shots (bullets), that being the reason of the origin of its name. It is real pleasure to see these little tea balls unfold and reveal all its rough beauty and flavors. Its light brown liquor is also beautiful to see…

In my opinion the Gunpowder is an honest, unpretentious and very charming tea that should not be missed!

2013-08-26 001 016

Dry leaves

2013-08-26 001 031

Infusing the leaves…

2013-08-26 001 037

Wet leaves and liquor after first infusion



  1. Yajaira Arcas

    What I have learned today is that there is a “huge” variety of green teas. I didn’t know that for a simple reason: when you ask for a green tea in a non specialized place you are offered the same green tea, the commercial one. Thanks for this post!

    • Gabriela Prieto

      Thank you for commenting! The variety of green teas is vast indeed, so it is good to try and taste as many as possible so you can then choose the ones that best work for you and the ones that you like the most! Thanks for posting!

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