2163I was away on holidays for almost a month. My husband and I went first to Barcelona for ten days to visit his family and then to Belgium where we spent one week in Brussels and the second one in Antwerp.

In Barcelona I went to a beautiful store with an exquisite selection of teas and delicate blends that I will “review” in my next post. In Antwerp a local friend also took me to a beautiful store where I found many tea accessories that I really loved. Finally, I visited a flea market in Brussels  (Marolles/ Place du Jeu de Balle) where I found  marvelous second hand porcelain cups and saucers, spoons, trays that will blow your mind if you are into vintage stuff.

It was a trip full of discoveries and I have many things to tell and to write about as well as some pictures that I will definitely want to share, so please stay tuned!



  1. Yajaira Arcas

    I will stay tuned because I love the flavor of your blog. I adore your photos and the way you describe places, atmospheres, teas.

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